WOD: 6-13-12

Strength: 90 seconds of Ring Hold

WOD:  For Time:

10 Back Squats (155/105)
5 Reverse Wall Climbs
10 Back Squats (155/105)
4 Reverse Wall Climbs
10 Back Squats (155/105)
3 Reverse Wall Climbs
10 Back Squats (155/105)
2 Reverse Wall Climbs
10 Back Squats (155/105)
1 Reverse Wall Climbs


Story time…

This workout has a particularly funny background to it.  Once upon a time, I was training a woman…let’s name her Allison.  Allison, like most of you enjoyed CrossFit and wanted others to try it.  One day, Allison brought a friend of hers to come try CrossFit seeing that he too enjoyed working out.  This friend was however, was consistently doubtful of what Allison was doing at the gym because girls couldn’t do the lifting she said she was doing every day.  Let’s call this friend Cologne Shower.  So Allison and Mr. Shower show up at the gym, she in her regular outfit, and Mr. Shower in his finest compression gear.  Oh wait, I just need to say this:  Compression gear, by the way, is not supposed to make you look like you are holding your breath.  It’s on too tight if that is happening.  Sorry, now back to our story.  Mr. Shower got a quick tour of the gym and right from the get-go, it was clear that he was there for three things:  for us to smell him, to work the guns, and kick Allison’s ass.

The workout was simple enough.  Some Back Squats, with which he was familiar (he started at 135), and crawling up the wall a few times, which he did without any difficulty during the warm-up.  The racks were now loaded and Allison and Cologne were ready to go (note that they began at the RWC and did the BS second).  3..2…1…GO! and like a bat flexing his muscles on his way out of hell, Mr. Shower crushes the first five Reverse Wall Climbs with Allison lagging just behind him.  His first set of Back Squats are done in the same intensity and he is back to the wall with very little time having passed.  Allison is finishing her first set of Back Squats, as Cologne wraps up his four RWC and heads back for some more squatting action.  Pounding the 10 squats UNBROKEN, Cologne moves back to the wall to demolish what was left of this workout.  Things for Allison are not looking very well seeing that she is struggling to the the RWC with the prescribed range of motion and is moving slowly through them.

Allison, who is now on her way to the squat rack, sees Mr. Shower’s chest on the floor and ready to start his third round.  She knows she has to hurry if she doesn’t want to look bad.  Pushing through all ten of her Back Squats, she turns around to begin her third round.  As Allison turns to walk towards the wall, she finds that Cologne is still down, chest on the floor, on the same first rep!  In fact, he had not been capable of doing even scaled reps.  Cologne quickly realized that he was completely out of energy and despite how tight his compression gear was, it would not stop Allison from smiling as she passed him.  He had reached the end of the his workout.

From here, there is no need to mention that Cologne, who does have a real name and was extremely humbled, was given a mercy pass for those three RWC.  No need to talk about how when he attempted the third set of Back Squats at 95 lbs, he was still incapable of doing them.  Definitely no need to say that once Cologne gave up, he sat the rest of the workout and watched Allison finish the workout in complete disbelief.  Mr. Shower quickly realized that if he wanted to not just look strong, but BE strong, he needed to hustle and lift more like a girl.

There is a moral here somewhere,




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